'Laviniai s an outstanding Pilates Teacher.  She can immediately see where further improvement is possible and builds a personalised programme to achieve, maintain and extend results.  I have worked with her for over 10 years.  Highly recommend'.

Philip Crawford

Designer/Maker  SilPhil

'I have been a client of Lavinia's for over 10years, seeing her on a weekly bases for a one hour Pilates class.  The amount of thought she puts into the work we do in the studio to address my  (formerly) bad back is incredible. You would  think that after a long period of time would end up doing the same things, but Lavinia is constantly finding new ways to work and advance me through the various positions and exercises.  Her studio is immaculate and has some great equipment (Cadillac,reformers, barrel, wunda chair and small equipment). 

I cannot recommend Lavina highly enough for anyone  looking to pick up and continue on with Pilates'

David Caldana

Borough Kitchen