We are proud to present an exciting schedule of Mini 3week Courses to get you in shape for the wonderful summer ahead!

Back Care Course

The course commences with gentle, strong and effective mat work exercises, many of which will be ideal for a home Pilates practice. We progress onto the  Pilatess machines and small equipment, to increase strength and flexibility. It is an excellent way to commence your personal back care management. 

Back Care Course Tuesday  5pm                          17th 24th 31st  July      55mins

Back Care Course  Wednesday 9.30am            25th July 1st  8th  Aug  55mins

Beginner Equipment Pilates Course

 This a superb introduction to Classic Equipment Pilates. The course is designed to teach you the basic Pilates technique e.g. efficient breathing patterns, control of deep abdominal muscles and correct body alignment, on the mat and machines. It is an excellent step up to the timetabled Classic Pilates classes. 

 Beginner Pilates Wednesday 9.30am               11th 18th 25th July    55mins 

 Beginner Pilates Monday 12pm                           30th July 6th 13th Aug    55mins 

 Beginner Pilates Tuesday 5pm                              24th 31st July 7th Aug        55min 

Summer Shaper Course


Get those bikini ads for the long hot summer. The Summer Shaper is ideal for those who want to focus abdominal strength, lean long legs and toned glutes. This fun class is designed to challenge you!

 Summer Shaper Tuesday 12pm                                 24th 31st 7th Aug    55mins