Back Care Course

The course commences with gentle, strong and effective mat work exercises, many of which will be ideal for a home Pilates practice. We progress onto the  Pilatess machines and small equipment, to increase strength and flexibility. It is an excellent way to commence your personal back care management.


Beginner Equipment Pilates Course

C This a superb introduction to Classic Equipment Pilates. The course is designed to teach you the basic Pilates technique e.g. efficient breathing patterns, control of deep abdominal muscles and correct body alignment, on the mat and machines. It is an excellent step up to the timetabled Classic Pilates classes. 

55mins  Wednesday 9.30am    

Future date TBC

Pilates Align and Stretch Course

 This class focuses on correcting the bad posture habits created in many  office or desk bound jobs, and deal with the postural misalignment s eg rounded shoulders, stooping, which can easily occur.
We will focus on opening shoulders, which promotes good breathing and reduces neck tension, strengthening the back extensors muscles, which will make you feel and appear more upright, and conclude with gentle stretches to leave you relaxed and regenerated.

45mins Friday 1pm

26/4/19 - 10/05/19