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LR Pilates Studios


At LR Pilates Studios we focus on the Classical method of Pilates, which establishes a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the Pilates technique. We focus on correcting and realigning postural dysfunctions e.g. lower back pain, tension in neck or shoulders, rounded shoulders, knee or hip pain etc. Clients can then confidently  progress to more dynamic and challenging exercises


Getting Results!


Pilates gives the individual a sense of 'new found strength and  deep inner support' of their whole physical structure. The results Pilates will give you will inspire and empower you to feel more  confident in your chosen sport or day to day life. Pilates will even motivate you to take up a new sport/activity, regardless of you age or current lifestyle. 


Improved Postural Awareness


Pilates exercises are designed to improve balance and postural alignment of the body.  As a result participants can  achieve increased levels of performance, experience far less injuries and gain ease and fluidity in their bodily movements.


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LR Pilates Studios

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